Thursday, October 11, 2012

To the Blogosphere and Beyond

Hello world.

I've decided to start blogging.

I figure that I waste enough time arguing politics and other controversies on internet forums that I might as well start blogging about them. (Adsense FTW Lulz). The topics I will primarily talk about are Politics, Economics, the Law, and College Football.

As far as the name of the blog goes I couldn't decide between calling my blog "The Lake Erie Liberal" or "The Full Employment Hawk."

I was tempted to go with "Full Employment Hawk" because that is the overarching argument concerning the political economy that I've made in the time we live in. An unregulated capitalist economy with business cycles invariably will fail to employ all able-bodied adult humans who desire to work. This is problematic for several reasons; it means that the economy will not operate at its full potential, that folks will have to rely on social insurance at some point and that folks will have to suffer the unenviable consequences that come with being unemployed. Yet, policy makers across world have failed on this metric.

Ultimately, it is my belief that the chief domestic policy concern of a people's government is to ensure that the economy operates at full, maximum employment and therefore should instill fiscal and monetary policies that achieve this goal and that in part has lead me to believe that I should start voicing my opinion.

I can remember Howard Stern one day along time ago while I use to listen to him on a portable radio while working at my family business as a teenager that FDR essentially ended the great depression with "socialism" as he said it...a large scale full employment program in other words. If Howard Stern understood that basic tenet of knowledge, why did Jean Claude-Trichet, a world famous and powerful economist, fail to grasp it.

I've come to learn that it's a folly to believe that doing something for a long time means you're good at it and that the world is governed with little wisdom, as the saying goes.

But, beyond my pet issue for the current times, I'm also a "Liberal Democracy Hawk" and a "Regulated Capitalist Hawk" and a "Tax base of income available for discretionary use hawk" among other things. I also believe that northern Ohio is the greatest place on Earth.

So, I've decided to go with Lake Erie Liberal.

I hope that I have something worth while to say.

I appreciate anybody who stumbles along to read.


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